Strengths of the Firm

Targeted Legal Services - We concentrate on what we do well, perfecting our knowledge and skills to deliver unparalleled results in our areas of expertise. The attorneys at Starr, Butler & Stoner, PLLC focus upon employment and labor law, employment practices and professional liability claims, commercial disputes, and general liability claims.

Effective Communication - Our firm is distinguished for its responsive approach to the practice of law. We make every effort to keep clients and insurance carriers informed and abreast of changes and developments in the case from beginning to end. We respond quickly to emails, keep files up-to-date, ensure that interested parties know what is going on, and work with clients and carriers to successfully reach a favorable result.

Proven Results - Our attorneys are result-oriented and strive to find the most efficient way to resolve disputes and reestablish positive working relationships. We are diligent in pursuing a solution to every problem and look for a resolution up front that is in the clients best interests, avoiding unnecessary setbacks, delay, and postponements.

Knowledge & Experience - In delivering positive legal results, our attorneys draw on decades of combined legal experience. We are knowledgeable and experienced in the substantive areas of law, as well as the procedural aspects in defending insured claims. We are experts in handling every aspect of even the most complex legal claims.

Collaborative Approach - At Starr, Butler & Stoner, PLLC, we promote a culture of collaboration and support. We work together with clients, insurance companies, and fellow colleagues, who are all active participants in the decision-making and resolution process. The small firm atmosphere is friendly, open, and responsive to the needs of clients.

Personal Attention - Our attorneys make an extra effort to guarantee that clients are pleased with the services they receive and are satisfied with the results in their case. We gather evidence and strategize to build a defense to the case. Our clients' needs are our constant concern, and their peace-of-mind is our first priority.