Management-side Labor & Employment Law

The experienced team of legal professionals at Starr, Butler & Stoner, PLLC understand the issues that their clients face as employers and business owners. Our attorneys have earned a solid reputation through their extensive experience in the area of labor and employment law, providing comprehensive employment solutions for all types of businesses.


Our attorneys have experience litigating a variety of legal issues on behalf of employers, including defense of discrimination, harassment, and retaliation claims. Our attorneys have been successful in handling cases for wrongful discharge, wage-and-hour disputes, invasion of privacy, and employment-related defamation. We have successfully defended claims brought under the Family and Medical Leave Act, the Michigan Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act, the Michigan Persons with Disabilities Civil Rights Act, Title VII, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and the Whistleblowers Protection Act.


At Starr, Butler & Stoner, PLLC, we regularly advise employers regarding employment-related issues, including hiring practices, terminations, discipline, reductions in force, promotions, employment agreements, employment policies and procedures, leaves of absence, and wage, hour, and unemployment compensation. We work with clients to provide innovative solutions to address their concerns. Our attorneys are equipped to provide in-house training on matters relating to employer/employee rights and responsibilities under the Family and Medical Leave Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and anti-discrimination and harassment laws. We work with clients to avoid legal issues and disputes before they arise.

Transactional Support

Our attorneys have extensive experience providing transactional support for businesses and employers. We work with employers to develop customized employee handbooks, applications, employment agreements, covenants-not-to-compete, sexual harassment policies, electronic privacy policies, social networking policies, shortened statutes of limitation, and drug testing and absenteeism policies.